Declutter YouTube with uBlock Origin

Rather than activating a standalone plugin to declutter YouTube, you could use the Free, Open-source ad content blocker uBlock Origin to do that job. This Web extension is available to download on platforms like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

The WebExtension uBlock Origin, contrary to the News Feed Eradicator & DF Youtube, will now eliminate the most addictive elements on Youtube. I’ll constantly update this post by adding uBlock origin filters to keep Youtube less distractive.

To apply the below filters, you need to install the extension and go to the My FIlters page.

Access the My Filter section by copy-pasting the below code on the chrome browser.


You may apply the codes only for the elements you wish to block. If you want to temporarily disable the block, add ! before the code.

Hide miscellaneous Links from the bottom of the sidebar

Hide the Subscriptions list from the sidebar

Hide more from Youtube from the sidebar

Hide videos only on the main homepage >

Hide the related videos sidebar when watching a video and move the video player to centre

Block / Hide YouTube Comments

Hide view count of videos under the video player

Hide subscriber count near the channel name under the video player

Hide the notification bell on the top bar

Hide all the videos on the channel page

Hide video suggestions and end cards in the player

Hide Youtube Shorts ytd-grid-video-renderer:has(span.ytd-thumbnail-overlay-time-status-renderer:has-text(/\s(0:\d\d|1:0\d)\s/)) ytd-rich-item-renderer:has(span.ytd-thumbnail-overlay-time-status-renderer:has-text(/\s(0:\d\d|1:0\d)\s/)) ytd-video-renderer:has(span.ytd-thumbnail-overlay-time-status-renderer:has-text(/\s(0:\d\d|1:0\d)\s/)) ytd-compact-video-renderer:has(span.ytd-thumbnail-overlay-time-status-renderer:has-text(/\s(0:\d\d|1:0\d)\s/))

To get all the codes in a single file, click here.

Want to declutter more on youtube? Let me know in comments.

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