Link GA4 with Search Console

In this post, we are going to learn how to link Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with Search Console and prepare a report within GA4 to analyze the Search Console data.

Many of us still have the friction in migrating from Universal Analytics ( UA ) to Google Analytics 4 ( GA4 ). One of the main reasons is that GA4 is not providing as many default reports as how they are offered in the UA version.

Search Console report is one among them. In previous Analytics, a set of reports were automatically provided by Google Analytics. However, when it comes to GA4 we need to configure it by ourselves by combining various metrics & dimensions within the Analytics.

For simplicity, the process is divided into two.

  1. Integrate Search Console property with GA4.

  2. Creating a report with Search Console Data.

How to Integrate Search Console with the GA4?

There is not much effort needed here. Follow these steps to link your website in the Search Console to GA4.

  1. Navigate to your Google Analytics 4 Property and Click Admin

  2. Under Product Links, Click Search Console Links

  1. Click on Link

  2. Now choose your website from the list.

To link a GA property to a Search Console property, you must be a verified site owner of the Search Console property and have ‘edit’ permissions on the GA property.

  1. Click Next

  2. Now choose the same website as Data Stream

  3. Click Submit.

How to create a report in GA4 to see Search Console data?

Follow the below steps to create a report in GA4 to see search console data.

Click here to see step by step tutorial

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